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Scottsdale Recovery Center

Scottsdale Recovery Center offers compassionate, confidential, upscale and loving treatment for ALL substance abuse addictions including alcohol addiction, heroin/opiate addiction, (black tar heroin, heroin, percocet, vicodin, oxycontin, etc..) cocaine addiction, and marijuana addiction / dependence, to name a few.  We are equipped and experienced to handle all Substance Abuse Disorders.

Our treatment centers and inpatient homes are upscale, private and are referred to as “sanctuaries for sobriety,” and are run by the most experienced drug and alcohol counselors, therapists, multiple Doctors and behavioral health technicians that Arizona has to offer. Apart from our treatment programs we offer holistic therapeutic services including Recovery Based Yoga in our own Private Yoga Studio, Guided Meditation Classes, Adventure Therapy, Equine Therapy, Healthy and Nutritious Food and Meals, Exercise Classes Daily, Daily Trips to the Gym, Rock Climbing and Ropes Courses, Weekly Outings To Spiritually Focused Cities in Arizona, (Sedona, Prescott, Pinetop, Flagstaff) and much more.

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Scottsdale Recovery Center has gained the recognition of being Arizona’s leading addiction, alcoholism and dual-diagnosis facility with two specialized treatment programs: one for young adults (18-35) and the other for those 35+ focusing on long-term success in recovery. We take our job very seriously and our success rate of long term sobriety is a testament to our commitment of helping the still suffering alcoholic and addict get and stay sober, for life! Scottsdale Recovery Center has the Gold Seal Of Approval with The Joint Commission Accreditation, meaning we are held to the highest standards in the health care world.

There is always hope, and at Scottsdale Recovery Center that hope is much closer to you than it may actually appear to be at this very moment. For over 10 years we have helped those absolute worst case scenarios discover a life worth living while in sobriety, and we see it happen right here each and every day!  Learn more about us! Contact us  24/7 at 888.NO.DRUGS and find out how you or your loved one’s story will change at SRC…

Arizona’s Leader in Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Medical Detox & Recovery Support Services


  • Full-scope substance abuse recovery programs for both young adults (18-35) and those 35+
  • An integrative treatment approach that incorporates life achievement & coaching components for improved long-term success in recovery (and life)
  • Utilizing a superior hybrid approach recovery model entailing a broad scope of targeted modalities that consistently exceed the behavioral health industry success standards
  • A program where long-term success in sobriety AND life is the norm, and where happiness, passion, consistency and contentment are the barometers
  • An acclaimed recovery environment that merges upscale & luxury-type accommodations with affordability, clinical expertise and an unwavering commitment to patient care and aftercare
  • Enhanced relapse prevention approaches specifically geared for the unique needs of younger adults
  • Providing “The Gold Standard in Care” with Joint Commission Accreditation!

The safety, well-being and positive spiritual mind frame of our clients is our mission, at all times; we stay proactive in our approach to keep Scottsdale Recovery Center a “Sanctuary for Sobriety.” Bottom line is this: Our program is designed to help those who SEEK help, not those who are forced to be here or don’t want sobriety. Nobody said this road would be easy, but the final outcome is sweeter than anything you could ever imagine. We provide the tools and the knowledge to get and stay sober, for life, and our success rate proves our commitment to excellence and our passion for helping the still suffering alcoholic and addict achieve LIFE-LONG sobriety. Help is only a phone call away, don’t wait any longer to get sober!  888.NO.DRUGS

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10446 N 74th St. #150 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Treatment Services Facility


“Hi my name is Scott. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to start my road to recovery at Scottsdale recovery center. On march 12th 2013 I woke up in a hospital from an overdose with overwhelming feelings of doom and despair that I will never get recovery. Luckily I still had friends and family still in my corner believing in me that I can get sober. We found SRC and my journey began. The loving staff and the knowledge they possessed about recovery changed my hopeless way of thinking and living. Today I am happy, joyous and free. I continually work hard every day. SRC saved my life.”


“Scottsdale Recovery saved my life – plain and simple. Their program is unique, their approach is non-judgmental and comfortable and their facilities and homes which we live are very, very nice. Being from New York, Scottsdale Recovery Center was my first time ever on the west coast and how beautiful and perfect of a place to get sober it was! It’s pretty easy to get spiritual at Scottsdale Recovery Center because the setting is so spectacular and they take you on outings to further explore the surrounding towns and deserts. I quickly adapted to the structure and their program and dived deep into the work they gave me, and guess what? It worked!! I love you guys, thanks for saving my life.”

Liz B

“Scottsdale Recovery Center was a great drug and alcohol treatment center in Scottsdale, AZ. They really helped me figure out why I started to drink alcoholically and do drugs like an addict very early on. I can see clearly now why i did the things i did when i was partying. Furthermore, I figured out what my triggers were and learned tools on how to combat against a possible relapse. The best part about all this is the group therapy and individual sessions and all the other treatment i received was easy to grasp and highly efficient. I’m coming up on four years sober and to this day I still utilize all the tools i was taught at Scottsdale Recovery Center.”

Tyler H.

Scottsdale Recovery Center gave me hope when I thought i had none. My Drug and alcohol addiction took me down a nasty path; one that I never, ever want to go back to. When i first reached out Scottsdale Recovery Center I was very skeptical for a couple reasons. One, I went to rehab a few years ago and it didn’t work for me. Two, there are a lot of drug rehabs in town so why would I chose them? I quickly realized that the reason my first attempt at rehab failed is because i did not want sobriety at the time; i felt i could manage my addiction and i thought my problem wasn’t THAT big of a deal. Boy was I wrong about that! Why i chose SRC? Honestly it came down to a few factors. The first phone call with their intake coordinators turned out to be the breakthrough i was desiring. The guy on the other end was sympathetic to my situation and I could tell that although he probably talks to several candidates on a daily basis, He made it feel like I was the only person alive at that time; nobody else mattered. The conversation was nonjudgmental and very informative. I did my own research and quickly realized that Scottsdale Recovery Center was the best place for me. 120 days later I’m out in the real world, using the tools that SRC gave me and life has never been better. Yes i struggle, but Scottsdale Recovery Center taught me how to cope and deal with real life struggles and turn them into positive, growing pains rather than negative situations. I owe my life to Scottsdale Recovery Center, one day at a time!!

Love, Tara

“Scottsdale Recovery Center is not your typical drug rehab facility. I went through their program and experienced first hand why they are unique and unlike anyother treatment center I went through. They have their own yoga studio! Recovery Based Yoga classes, which was awesome for me because i was new at yoga and it really helped me get spiritual and stay in the moment. Equine Therapy! I never knew how much a horse could show me about my addiction and fears and conquering them both. Guided Meditations! Talk about getting totally lost in yourself, staying in the present moment then finding yourself all at the same time..wow! The counselors, therapists, house managers, owners, directors are all passionate, friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming. I felt right at home the entire time i was there which was a great feeling. The homes were very nice and upscale and the food was AWESOME! if your looking to get sober and stay sober Scottsdale Recovery Center is the place to go. If it worked for me it will work for you!! Three years sober and loving my life, one day at a time.”

Carly B.
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